July 3, 2015

The Spider line pole dance clothing

I made this spider line of pole dance clothing, with 3 versions.

Number one, is very skimpy and sexy. 
And although Like it I am not sure I will sell many of them.

Number two, is a bit more fun but I am having to do some more things to the top and go over the patterns and sizing again.

And Number Three, to be honest is now my favourite.
I drew it as a simpler more covered version, and didn't think much of it at the time. But it has become my favourite and possibly the one I am more likely to keep making.

I gave two and three to a amazing friend of mine in Denmark to test and take some photo's of. And what she has come up with is great, I am now able to alter and perfect the patterns. And I also get some photos of a beautiful person posing in them.

Have a look.

Number Two

Number Three

Model: Stephanie Sahlgren
Photographer: Peter Rude Torp
Clothing: Lady A Design
Thank you for checking it out
Lady A

March 29, 2015

My way

I have been dabbling in doing my own thing for ages, I have done Burlesque, Pole dance costumes and dance costumes. All while working or studying.
So why not venture out and start my very own label.
I have a bit of a love for lingerie and Pole dance of course, but that might only be the start.

I knew it was going to be hard to start something from not much, and I decided I would do it anyway. Since I had taken the hard road all my life this wasn't going to be any different.

While working for a Jewellery company as a Christmas casual in Arbon, I met a lovely lady that was a seamstress herself. She was a constant inspiration and always helped me along the way. It was great to have someone to bounce ideas off and also show her some stuff that I had learned over the years.

She was starting her label at the same time as me, hers being more of a up market clothing label we helped each other when we needed to.

This gave me the confidence and also backing of a person who has lived in Switzerland longer than me, and I could count on her honesty and help.

I am going to start with my Etsy store, see how that goes.
My main problem will be the strength of the Swiss franc, export will be tricky. People like cheap and cheerful but I am not planning on being that kind of label.
I am hoping to make good quality items with great fabrics that will last several washes and wears.

Once I have sold a few items I am also planning on making a Couture range, which will be limited edition. Probably more for the stage and performances.

I have had a photo shoot with a great lady called Mara to give people a idea of what these items look like on the body. She is not a pole dancer, but a great sport and circus performer with Gravity Riders.
And she did me a great favor posing on and off the pole. 

 I am also very grateful for the help I got from the team at K├╝hnis Augenoptik in Rorschach, for letting me use their in equipment and cellar to shoot.

I am hoping my general line will become a great source for people to use in the gym, circus or on the pole.
These are just the start I have more designs I would like to make reality but for now I have to earn some money first to be able to purchase more material.

there will be more in the future :)

Lady A

October 30, 2014

With or without shoes?!?!?!

I am a lady that enjoys her pole dancing, its great for my strength flexibility and fitness. I have found a great hobby but also met some really awesome ladies and gents in the studio's of Bobbi's Perth.

I have now moved to Europe, and I have started looking for a place where I could do the same. My very first impression was not very friendly, there was no smiling reception lady happy to explain all the levels or even a teacher happy to ask me to come back after class so we could talk a bit more about the levels.

But I persevered and tried a smaller studio owned by two sisters. Since the first attempt was a visit I thought maybe email first so its easier. They told me they are happy for me to come by and do a trial class so I could see if I would be happy at the studio.
But, they don't wear heels and its a aesthetic choice. 

I thought fair enough but I want to wear heels, because I look better can do lots of fun things with them and I can collect them.

So then I started asking why are people so anti shoes in Europe?
Is it because they prefer to make it a sport, or gymnastic thing rather than a dance or even be associated with the clubs?
Okay yes they are generally more conservative, specially in Switzerland. I might have been a bit presumptuous to think I could just drop in and start off where I left it in Perth.

The other question is will this change how I feel about pole dance?
  I am a seamstress/ designer of costumes and I have enjoyed the dressing up and wearing fun outfits to classes maybe a bit more than most. So loosing that simple little accessory the shoes could make it less dress up and fun.

I had my trial class and they were super nice and inviting, I could pretty much slot in and continue just bare feet. And I will do bare feet, but I might go down a few levels to get my footing with the German lingo and also the static moves. Its always good to polish up technique and now learn how my lines look without the pretties on the end of my feet. ;)

I am not giving up on the shoes never, but I will give myself the time to learn things both ways.

I would love to hear why people like shoes to pole dance with, and why not.
I think its a personal thing but its interesting to hear how others feel about it.

until next time

Lady A