21 December 2013

Saying goodbye to Burlesque Costuming

The day has finally come, where I have decided to leave the custom burlesque costumes alone.

I haven't made that many in the past, and I am glad I never went into the industry too deeply. But before it all gets too serious I realized it was not for me.

I had fun designing and nutting out ways to peal off clothing with my clients, and I even got to see some pretty cool ideas come to fruition.

From Roses loosing her petals, swans peeling layers off and a male flashdance sparkler costume. 

I would like to work towards my hobby and dream to do more odd garments, such as wearable art, up cycled and just plain strange.

And I hope that my clients get to go forth with many more years of fun and flirtation all over the worlds stages and clubs.

thank you very much for the interesting times
I wish you all well

lots of love

Lady A 

16 August 2013

Tubeless the jacket

So I did the Bicycle tube corset and head piece photoshoot at the start of the year.
Now I did a shoot with the jacket,
It was very different, darker and in a outdoors location.
David Woolley was the photographer an he did great things, but the model was not really on form.
That model was me, I knew I am not the best in front of the camera.
My job is doing things backstage and behind the scenes, it seems to be my strength not the modelling.

here are some of the photos

I like the background, the texture of the trees and ground full of pine needles

The jacket seems to take on a shiny look on these images

I have already started the next wearable art project, this one unfortunately wont be a recycling one.
My machine needs to recover from the tube beating it got while making this.

hopefully more soon.

Lady A 

20 July 2013

quiet times on my blog

Has some of you may have noticed I have been posting less over the last 3 months,
My day job has become a little bit more involved, with new people coming and a change of manager.

And then I went on tour with my company for nearly a month.
Now there is lots of things happening that I would like to blog about.
But they are things that need a premier and therefore require silence from me to achieve the surprise.

So this is where I am stuck.

The only thing that I can promise is that I am having a photo shoot with the tubeless garment, mainly the jacket. This I will post on here so there is something visual coming.

Please be patient and I hope to be back asap.


Lady A

21 May 2013

some nine to five in my blog

So I am part of a team that makes costumes for a local balllet company,
and we build one new ballet each year.
This year it was the old Scottish love story of La Sylphide.

Meaning we got to play with lots of tartan and make men wear Kilts.
Nothing better than a man in a kilt.
The ladies also got some very, spiffy outfits. And then some rather fairytale like Tutu's.

I am only allowed to show you the press photo's but luckily they are show quite a bit.

 As you can see the Gentlemen look quite polished in their Kilts.

Madge the witch telling the girls Fortune, she is amazing to watch.

And the Lovely Creatures of the forest, the Sylphs.

Then La Sylphide and her Love James.
If you ever get the chance to see this ballet please do so, it is short but sweet and pretty in every way. 
 something not to miss

for this particular ballet check out for details

much love
Lady A

11 April 2013

Our day

So we got married, after planning and saving for two and a half months the day finally arrived.

The weather was beautiful, people were smiling and things were going well.

My dress was made by my friend and fellow costumier April,
the hair by a amazing Delia and the make up by the great Melinda.

the flower turned out nice too

I had so much fun making those hats I may need to make some more for myself

I also had the best Photographer, she made us look great.
thanks Kim

I will remember this day forever, it was a happy fun and amazing day for me.
I am very lucky to have found such a amazing man that loves me like I love him.

there is not much that can beat such happy times.

Lady A :)

24 March 2013

How to deal with aggressive driver behaviour on a bicycle?

I have decided to sell my car and be a cyclist and hopefully save some money help the environment and improve my life.
My partner still has a small car but also tries to ride his bicycle when ever possible.

My partner works nights and rides home sometimes at 4 am or 1 am on generally quite roads. But there has been many times where he has been targeted by young men in cars.
The only reason we can think of is that he is on a bicycle. 
Once he was hit by a rolled up newspaper across his back from a driving car window and just recently he got a egg thrown at him. 
I find this stupid and childish behavior, and I really hope they get the same done to them in the very near future.

I was born in Europe and bicycles are a way to get around and they are given space and respect on the roads. It is very sad because the weather is beautiful and perfect for riding.

My experiences have been mainly with people not stopping at stop signs and either me landing on their car hood or barely being able to stop right at their window or front Tyre. Only to get the driver pull the finger at me or abuse me as they drive off. (Sure why would it be important to follow road rules when driving a car) If I would have been driving a car at that moment they could have bought me a new front end.

I have read many articles about people being bashed, harassed or assaulted by drivers that just couldn't wait to pass a cyclist or just didn't want to share the road.

I have been lucky to only have verbal abuse until now, (touch wood) but I am starting to understand why people ride with cameras on their bicycles. It ends up being your only ally in a road rage attack.

I understand that there is many different points of view and not every cyclist is a angel. But think about how you would feel having that done to yourself? And we seem to have forgotten that we share the world with many different people at times, and being selfish isn't a attractive trait.

unfortunately this is the way it is at the moment, don't trust anyone in a car and keep yourself safe.

I am really hoping it can change in the near future

this was my little rant thank you for listening

Lady A


9 March 2013

my bouquets

I have been folding origami like a mad lady,
and so many people came and helped with the flowers it was amazing.

Now I have started to arrange the bridesmaids Bouquets, unfortunatly I couldn't get any flower tape so I am doing it with electrical tape.
It works but it just doesn't look as pretty, the plan is to cover the tape anyway.

As you can see its a bit of a crash course on flower arrangeing

But I think I am doing okay for a beginner

Here is my first one with greenery I hope it will work well on the day

but I am still working on the rest
I will show photo's of the final products as soon as they are done.

Lady A

29 January 2013

Paper folding for my decoration

So I have been looking at my wedding planning, and since my budget is what I can find in my bank account between now and the wedding I have had to be creative with my funds.
I decided to make my decorations out of origami
but then I saw how pretty Bouquets look out of origami and decided to also make them.

here is some of the images that inspired me.

so I started by cutting old magazines into squares and testing different shapes and flowers.
this is a little container

A lily

a bunch of them

some more flowers

and then I started of the bridesmaids bouquets, they will be tones of blue

It means I have to make sure I fold some every night, but some lovely friends have decided to come and help. I am holding some origami folding evenings soon and hopefully there will be enough fun had to make them want to come back and make more.

I will put the bouquets up once they are done, I can't wait to see them finished :)

Lady A

12 January 2013

presenting Tubeless

As some of you already know I have been working on a wearable art garment made of bicycle tubes.
I seem to always set myself such funky little projects, and rarely get to take good photo's of these things.
This time I had amazing help from a great photographer and a very stunning lady.
I still don't know if it will go into the art of fashion exhibit or runway but at least I have documentation of how it can look.

the bustier was a bit big in the cups but it added another little oddity to play with

I think the slightly fetish look of the tubes lent it self to a stronger look.

But she was also able to look very artisic

 Playing with shadows was also fun

The head piece gave it something else

and its always a good idea to bring a whip into something like this ;)

Soo much fun and a big thanks to David Woolley for taking the photos
Cécile Mimieux for modelling http://www.facebook.com/BurlesqueBallerina
now all we have to do is wait and see if I get into the urban couture.

until next time

Lady A