9 November 2015

Personalise your bum or Bedazzle it

I have been wanting to do a simple line of knickers that you could personalize by adding your name in Swarovski crystals on the bum.
Or any other wording of course.
I named it Bedazzle it, because its easy and simple.

So I was trying to think of ways to get this out on the social media, into the world etc.

I am in Switzerland at the moment with possibly one of the strongest currency right now making it tricky to stay competitive in the market. 

When I saw that Felix Cane, possibly the most amazing lady ever is having a competition back in Perth where I picked up my fascination with Pole dance.
I wrote to find out if they would be interested in having me make some shorts for Felix and to take a #sundaybumday picture to promote the items. And I would then give the winner a pair of shorts with their chosen name/ word on them.

And yes so it happened, I was over the moon. 

But now the big work had to start, I had to make sure I could get all the things to them in time for photo's and before the competition.
I didn't want to let them down because they were doing me a huge favor, and I hoped that they would get something out if it as well.

All the things were ordered and everything was put into motion to get this done.
I even decided to order Gold and Black fabric to match the theme of the competition, making sure that what I will make for the winner and Felix of course, truly is a one off.
Here is the photo's before I send them off to Australia

And once she had taken her photo

She got the crystals to shine in the sun :)

Its quite a time consuming task gluing each single stone onto the shorts, and I don't think I could ever charge a hourly rate for it because no one would pay that for shorts. But at least I get spread some smiles and hopefully fun times with these items. And maybe people will look at my other items as well in the future.

Please email me with requests
I have order forms for studios or groups of people to be able to share the freight costs.

Anyway lots of love

Lady A :D

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