3 July 2015

The Spider line pole dance clothing

I made this spider line of pole dance clothing, with 3 versions.

Number one, is very skimpy and sexy. 
And although Like it I am not sure I will sell many of them.

Number two, is a bit more fun but I am having to do some more things to the top and go over the patterns and sizing again.

And Number Three, to be honest is now my favourite.
I drew it as a simpler more covered version, and didn't think much of it at the time. But it has become my favourite and possibly the one I am more likely to keep making.

I gave two and three to a amazing friend of mine in Denmark to test and take some photo's of. And what she has come up with is great, I am now able to alter and perfect the patterns. And I also get some photos of a beautiful person posing in them.

Have a look.

Number Two

Number Three

Model: Stephanie Sahlgren
Photographer: Peter Rude Torp
Clothing: Lady A Design
Thank you for checking it out
Lady A
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