21 December 2013

Saying goodbye to Burlesque Costuming

The day has finally come, where I have decided to leave the custom burlesque costumes alone.

I haven't made that many in the past, and I am glad I never went into the industry too deeply. But before it all gets too serious I realized it was not for me.

I had fun designing and nutting out ways to peal off clothing with my clients, and I even got to see some pretty cool ideas come to fruition.

From Roses loosing her petals, swans peeling layers off and a male flashdance sparkler costume. 

I would like to work towards my hobby and dream to do more odd garments, such as wearable art, up cycled and just plain strange.

And I hope that my clients get to go forth with many more years of fun and flirtation all over the worlds stages and clubs.

thank you very much for the interesting times
I wish you all well

lots of love

Lady A