21 May 2013

some nine to five in my blog

So I am part of a team that makes costumes for a local balllet company,
and we build one new ballet each year.
This year it was the old Scottish love story of La Sylphide.

Meaning we got to play with lots of tartan and make men wear Kilts.
Nothing better than a man in a kilt.
The ladies also got some very, spiffy outfits. And then some rather fairytale like Tutu's.

I am only allowed to show you the press photo's but luckily they are show quite a bit.

 As you can see the Gentlemen look quite polished in their Kilts.

Madge the witch telling the girls Fortune, she is amazing to watch.

And the Lovely Creatures of the forest, the Sylphs.

Then La Sylphide and her Love James.
If you ever get the chance to see this ballet please do so, it is short but sweet and pretty in every way. 
 something not to miss

for this particular ballet check out for details

much love
Lady A

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