2 July 2012

we were on a BOAT!

we decided to take a leisurly boat journey to Kreuzlingen,
it was lovely to see he coast line and the lake air was nice and cooling.
 we left from Rorschach, my home town.
 The lake was reasonably calm and made for nice sailing (even if it was a motor Boat)
 we went along the coast stopping at some small ports and then we got to Romanshorn
 we couldn't enter the port straight away because this massive boat was in our spot. They didn't care they were having a big party on the boat. Its called the sun queen (Sonnen K├Ânigin) and it can be hired out for lavish parties.
 This is the port with the train station, the car ferry stops here too.
 this is the view to the north of the port, the cycle path follows the lake for a while in this section.
 And here you can see how some people get home when they give up on cycling ;)

We ended up in Kreuzlingen but walked a bit too far in the wrong direction and ended up in Konstanz (Germany).
Of course it was fun going through the shopping centre and checking out the stuff they have but we ended up catching the train back.

next we are going to visit a Aussie friend on the lake of Geneva I am sure there will be some funny stories to tell.

until then

Lady A

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