12 July 2012

More Local History

We had a low key day today and went into Rorschach to look at the Corn House Museum,
its a interactive museum and you are allowed to touch and photograph things.
Which is cool when you get to look at things like this :)
 the furniture
 The clothing
 and some more
 then some more
 the dinner setting
 the weaving mills
 yes I come from a Lace making region
 and then the really old stuff you can touch
 pretty cool to see the painting and the clothing that were worn in that painting
 his shoes
And then the hat.
It was a fun place to visit, there was lots more interactive fun. With dress ups, calligraphy, taste testers and actual weaving, museums should be more interactive it makes so much more fun.

Either way I understand not everything can be touched and worn, but its good to see that some things in some place can.

Not sure what is next but I am hoping something fun :)

until then

Lady A
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