4 July 2012

Lausanne and Olympic stuff

The next day we decided to go and see Lausanne before we headed back to the other end of the country.
We walked around for a while and then saw the temporary Olympic museum on one of the streamer that cruise around the lake usually.
 the boat was beautiful
 They had all the medals and some of the torches from the Olympics here is Sydney
 the long thin one is from Helsinki, that is the one I like in this image.
 Calgary in the middle
 And the new London
 this is the Lotus replica they have
 A basket ball with the US teams signatures, I think its the ones from Atlanta.
 one of the old time keeping pieces
 Here I am trying to hold the London torch, no go I was good ;)
And just one more of the boat it is very nice.
So hopefully I will have more tomorrow of Luzern, we are doing a little shopping trip.

Until then

Lady A
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