3 July 2012

Lace Heaven

So today we strolled around St Gallen some more and saw the new display of the Lace Museum.
As always there was amazing stuff on display, and the fact that st gallen was the lace capitol is very much seen.
Sneaky photography once again ;)

 these are lace pieces hand made
 as are these children s bodices
 some religious wear, also very old
 also some pre machine lace, apparently on large machine replace 40 lace makers, go figure.
 cute night gown
 dresses made from St Galler lace, I loved the ball gown and the one in the back of this image.
 here it is from the front
 the yellow dress
 some of the other dresses made with this fabric
 the back of the ball gown
 the cute pink one
 the other one I liked, its so puffy :)
 and has such cute details
 this is the textiles library, it was closed :(
and this is one of those machines that replace so many women making lace, its pretty big but 40 people would take up more room I guess.

Anyways its a museum worth visiting if you enjoy textiles.

until next time

Lady A 
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