1 May 2012

Where to with burlesque........?

If you have been following me for a bit you would be able to tell that I make a few burlesque costumes. They have given me the chance to test my skills, try new things and made me think.

When the movie came out everyone jumped at the chance to dress like a burlesque star and decided it was a great idea to dress in a corset and a tiny skirt. I understand that it brings out your inner woman, and for most a corset can give you a lovely figure, but why didn't they rush out and decided to wear this?

We know why, the main reason being not everyone can or is comfortable enough to wear that and the other is that it is something that needs to be made for you usually.
This is where the performer and the audience should be easily separated I believe, the audience will purchase the off the shelf mass produced stuff. And the performer will go and have something created for his or her personal performance.
There will be the odd Audience member that can go and get things made or do such a thing them self.

I have seen a few shows and images of shows lately where the performer could have been a audience member from the look of their costume.
This has made me wonder, if the plan for me is to bring out performance Lingerie and corsets could it be a bit of a waist of time or is it just that people don't know where to go for these one off specially made things?
I also wonder if it is just because of my location in Australia that I have no luck or even interest. There is always the other alternative, my stuff could just be plain boring and there really is no interest.
Anyway it made me wonder, and since I have already drafted the lingerie and cut out some samples I think I should at least make some and see what people say to them.
If I have no luck put it down to experience and move on, you have to try things sometimes.
 I will keep you posted on the happenings of this stuff

Lady A

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