23 October 2015

Lace from the factory sale

Today was a Factory sale at the local lace and fabric supplier, and as always there was heaps of people rummaging to find that special bargain.

I love the lace on the card, its great for making bra's and knickers And sometimes there is heaps on the cards.
Here are some from today's sale

 Some lovely off white

 Something in green (My Favourite)

 Some double sided black

 Some skin colour

 A bit of trim

 A little soft blue

And there is always space for more black :)

I love St Gallen for it amazing fabrics, its a perfect place for it.
Okay I am off to draft some new bra & Knicker patterns so I can finally have some new Lingerie in my life.
Until next time
With Love from Switzerland

Lady A 

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