16 August 2013

Tubeless the jacket

So I did the Bicycle tube corset and head piece photoshoot at the start of the year.
Now I did a shoot with the jacket,
It was very different, darker and in a outdoors location.
David Woolley was the photographer an he did great things, but the model was not really on form.
That model was me, I knew I am not the best in front of the camera.
My job is doing things backstage and behind the scenes, it seems to be my strength not the modelling.

here are some of the photos

I like the background, the texture of the trees and ground full of pine needles

The jacket seems to take on a shiny look on these images

I have already started the next wearable art project, this one unfortunately wont be a recycling one.
My machine needs to recover from the tube beating it got while making this.

hopefully more soon.

Lady A