25 April 2012

Can Can finished

I have finially finished the can can skirt,
And yes there are somethings that I would do differently.

1. I would box pleat the rows on
2. I would attach the top skirt at the hem before adding the rows
3. I would use a different top fabric

so here are some photos of the skirt but the show photo's are yet to come.
They have a rehearsal tomorrow and then the shows are Friday Saturday night.

 the inside
 the rows
 the outside
Me having a go with it :D

I must say it is fun to wear and jump around in, but whether I will ever make another I am not sure.
Only time will tell.

well show photo's on the weekend

Lady A

21 April 2012

Making unmentionables

I have been playing around with making a small line of simple Burlesque undergarments for a while.
The idea is to make it easy to remove but still very sexy.
I also wanted to be able make it accessible for people starting or doing a course in burlesque.
I enjoy making corsets and there has to be a element of a corset in the line, but if I make it out of real corseting materials the price will never be accessible to someone starting up.
So I was hoping to make them "performance corsets", meaning they are made of simpler material and are easy to remove.
The down side is they will not be waist cinching, but I will be able to make them out of pretty and odd fabrics that corsets usually aren't made of.

I have many more designs and ideas, but this is just a snippet.

I don't know if this will have a market or if people will be interested, for me its just being able to draft and make these little things that is exciting.
I have made a few bras before and I really enjoyed it, the same goes for the corsets.

I will make a few trial ones and then see what people think.
It would be a cool thing to be able to do one weekends and evenings after work. 

until next time
Lady A

18 April 2012

New toys

This is something I have been looking at for a while, it's a Go pro hero 2 camera.

I will have to practice a bit with it, also I will need to learn how to do some simple editing. Hopefully I can do some fun and odd videos maybe of something I have made or I am making.

Stay tuned ;)

9 April 2012

We hope we can can.....

I am currently working with a large amount of organza, to make a very big but hopefully light skirt to well Can Can with.
My machine was going great until the belt broke, I am now on my domestic working with half the speed and half the space. Not really ideal but until the service man can come out I will go forth like that.

 I try to do it evenly and without pleats, but really if I wanted it to be perfect I should have box pleated it. That is how the ones at the moulin rouge are done.

its a pretty hot job too because you end up having all of that polyester organza on your lap 

as you can see I pin it first

And then sew it on

I am in the middle of doing the 7th row now, and luckily they are getting smaller each row. but there is 10 rows all up and 4 colours (blue, white, red and black) 
After this is done I have to finish the top layer add a placket and waistband, maybe some sparkles then I am done.

Sounds easy doesn't it, it is but it's just time consuming.

More when I get further....


Lady A 

1 April 2012

Bar styled modelled

So it finally got finished and I had the dress on the runway.

It was great to have my Friend Tamara model it,
She was amazing and people in the crowd cheered when she walked past.

Here it is sitting in the exhibition

And here it is on the catwalk, I am proud as punch :)

Look at the smile its awesome, she seemed like the only one smiling.

So glad I had a sexy curvy model, well there we are all done.

thank you for watching the making of bar styled,
and hopefully you have enjoyed seeing this come together.

until next time ;)
Lady A