20 March 2016

Working in a new place for a little while

So I have had the pleasure to work in the German City of Stuttgart at the amazing Staatstheater for the last month and I am loving it.

Although I can't show you anything or tell you too much how they work I can tell you all about the amazing town.

This is the Opera house

And this is the main Theatre next to it

There are more smaller theatres spread across Stuttgart but these are the main ones.
There are lots of Operas, Ballet and Theatre pieces opening and premiering every month, keeping the people of Stuttgart and the world Entertained.

The Ballet is well known across the world, and sells out most shows. So it is hard to get tickets for one of their shows.

The city itself is interesting too, it has old and new buildings mixed together making a walk always interesting.

Little Cafes and shops can be found in all sorts of corners of the City, making a walk on the weekend always a adventure.

I have seen little Pop up shops with handmade crafts, little boutiques with local Fashion designers items for sale and Bio Shops that cater for the people wanting to live a little bit more sustainable, sourcing their product from local and nearby producers.

Now with Spring fast approaching I can't wait to see how this city looks when all the Flowers and trees start to bloom.

Lady A

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