13 August 2014

Raw Showcase for Lady A

I did this thing called Raw Artist Showcase, where a bunch of artistic people come together and put on a show for one night.

there is usually Visual artists, performing artists, Music, Fashion and make up people.
You make something or bring stuff along and show your talent to the audience on the night. 

I decided to make some of my corset designs that have been living in a draw for the last few years.
And I was lucky enough to have many amazing friends model them for me, and help me out with finishing them off.

There were old things in my catwalk show like the tubeless garment

Models: Caitlyn Estes and Bridget Moore

the watermelon I made last year

Model: Zoe O'Neal

There was Fish scale corsets

Models: SJ Mac, Jadez Tan and Cecile Mimieux

some simple but pretty corded corset and a flower corset

Models: Jade Rice and Michelle Bailey

a bit of a sixites flared corset

Model: Robyn Bailey

and two mens corsets
Models: Johnny Domino and Andre Santos

It was great fun making these, and I am hoping that I can either sell them or take some with me to Europe. it all depends which ones I am most attached to I guess ;)
For the one on sale until September 2014 check out etsy

if you are interested in the Raw Artist idea here is their website, http://rawartists.org
its free to join in but you do have to sell 20 tickets to the event.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the photo's
until next time

Lady A