1 January 2014

2014 and beyond

What is to come in 2014 and beyond for me and my artistic ideas?

I have decided to go with ideas that have been burning in the back of my mind and old sketch books for years now.
I would like to take my time sample ideas, drape patterns and really be able to do my best to get things just how I imagined them.
Its a luxury you can only afford if you decide to do such things outside of work and with no ideas of profit or success other than enjoying the process and honing your skills.

I will start with small things such as corsets, they are easy to store, small and don't require too much material. (depending on the design ;) )

Undergarments have always been something I have been interested in, even when I started to sew as a little girl. It started because I though it was odd that Barbie didn't wear any underwear, non of them came with any undergarments. So I started making her many different types and styles of lingerie, all of them were basic and child like, but I looked at my own undergarments to see how I could make a tiny versions. This is why they were never something you could imagine being used on the catwalks of Paris or Milan.

 I think I was only about 8 or 9 if I remember correctly, and ended up making dresses and other garments after Barbie had enough underwear to make her modest. :)

I always loved lingerie shops and still do, there is something about a nice set of lingerie that can make you feel lovely even when wearing ordinary clothing. 
And I guess the corset is something that can lend itself to all sorts of design ideas and creative thinking.

This is what I hope to do more of in my outside work projects, self funded design and construction.

I will share some of these processes with you as soon as I have enough to make up a bit of a post.

lots of Love
And all the best for this exciting new year :)

Lady A