30 October 2014

With or without shoes?!?!?!

I am a lady that enjoys her pole dancing, its great for my strength flexibility and fitness. I have found a great hobby but also met some really awesome ladies and gents in the studio's of Bobbi's Perth.

I have now moved to Europe, and I have started looking for a place where I could do the same. My very first impression was not very friendly, there was no smiling reception lady happy to explain all the levels or even a teacher happy to ask me to come back after class so we could talk a bit more about the levels.

But I persevered and tried a smaller studio owned by two sisters. Since the first attempt was a visit I thought maybe email first so its easier. They told me they are happy for me to come by and do a trial class so I could see if I would be happy at the studio.
But, they don't wear heels and its a aesthetic choice. 

I thought fair enough but I want to wear heels, because I look better can do lots of fun things with them and I can collect them.

So then I started asking why are people so anti shoes in Europe?
Is it because they prefer to make it a sport, or gymnastic thing rather than a dance or even be associated with the clubs?
Okay yes they are generally more conservative, specially in Switzerland. I might have been a bit presumptuous to think I could just drop in and start off where I left it in Perth.

The other question is will this change how I feel about pole dance?
  I am a seamstress/ designer of costumes and I have enjoyed the dressing up and wearing fun outfits to classes maybe a bit more than most. So loosing that simple little accessory the shoes could make it less dress up and fun.

I had my trial class and they were super nice and inviting, I could pretty much slot in and continue just bare feet. And I will do bare feet, but I might go down a few levels to get my footing with the German lingo and also the static moves. Its always good to polish up technique and now learn how my lines look without the pretties on the end of my feet. ;)

I am not giving up on the shoes never, but I will give myself the time to learn things both ways.

I would love to hear why people like shoes to pole dance with, and why not.
I think its a personal thing but its interesting to hear how others feel about it.

until next time

Lady A 

30 September 2014

Pole dance with Champayne

So I got to make another pole dance costume for the amazing Champayne

She is a inspiration for me and I am sure for many other too.

Soo strong so flexible and just plain cool :)

I made her the knickers the chaps, neck piece and hand cuffs.

 As you can tell I love the tassels on the chaps ;)

the idea came from her and we worked together to make it work.

Photo's by Damo Photography

I loved this it was soo much fun

next one will come soon :D

Lady A

13 August 2014

Raw Showcase for Lady A

I did this thing called Raw Artist Showcase, where a bunch of artistic people come together and put on a show for one night.

there is usually Visual artists, performing artists, Music, Fashion and make up people.
You make something or bring stuff along and show your talent to the audience on the night. 

I decided to make some of my corset designs that have been living in a draw for the last few years.
And I was lucky enough to have many amazing friends model them for me, and help me out with finishing them off.

There were old things in my catwalk show like the tubeless garment

Models: Caitlyn Estes and Bridget Moore

the watermelon I made last year

Model: Zoe O'Neal

There was Fish scale corsets

Models: SJ Mac, Jadez Tan and Cecile Mimieux

some simple but pretty corded corset and a flower corset

Models: Jade Rice and Michelle Bailey

a bit of a sixites flared corset

Model: Robyn Bailey

and two mens corsets
Models: Johnny Domino and Andre Santos

It was great fun making these, and I am hoping that I can either sell them or take some with me to Europe. it all depends which ones I am most attached to I guess ;)
For the one on sale until September 2014 check out etsy

if you are interested in the Raw Artist idea here is their website, http://rawartists.org
its free to join in but you do have to sell 20 tickets to the event.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the photo's
until next time

Lady A

16 May 2014

More stretch and flex wear

Last year I started pole dancing classes, and it has become a big part of my life now.
Its very good for my bones and it gives me goals to strive for and also keeps me fit.

But as we know I will always try to find a way to make a costume for something I am doing.

So I entered a amateur pole competition as a beginner and made a costume for it :)

It was great fun making a routine, and rehearsing it. But what was more fun was making the costume.

Since I am not a pro yet I decided to make the routine more about the fun of pole dance rather than the amazing strength and fitness. 
(I was still sweating trust me )

the idea was to go down the line of 60's Go Go dancer, with tassles to shimmy all around.

here are some photo's of the event.

the photo's are by Damo Guy photography

And I can't tell you how much fun it was, even though I was nervous as.

Lets hope I get to make more costumes for other pole dancers in the near future.

lots of love

Lady A


22 February 2014

a dress to be remembered

Last year I  made a wedding dress for a Lady at work, one of the guys at work did a sketch to work from we went fabric shopping, did fittings and many hours later a dress was made.

It was one of the only wedding dresses I have made that I can say was a pleasure to make.
The bride knew what she wanted and she appreciated all the work that went into making this garment. 

Here are some Images of the lovely couple

Thank you for the images and thank you for the lovely day :)

wishing you many happy adventures in the future

Lady A :D

1 January 2014

2014 and beyond

What is to come in 2014 and beyond for me and my artistic ideas?

I have decided to go with ideas that have been burning in the back of my mind and old sketch books for years now.
I would like to take my time sample ideas, drape patterns and really be able to do my best to get things just how I imagined them.
Its a luxury you can only afford if you decide to do such things outside of work and with no ideas of profit or success other than enjoying the process and honing your skills.

I will start with small things such as corsets, they are easy to store, small and don't require too much material. (depending on the design ;) )

Undergarments have always been something I have been interested in, even when I started to sew as a little girl. It started because I though it was odd that Barbie didn't wear any underwear, non of them came with any undergarments. So I started making her many different types and styles of lingerie, all of them were basic and child like, but I looked at my own undergarments to see how I could make a tiny versions. This is why they were never something you could imagine being used on the catwalks of Paris or Milan.

 I think I was only about 8 or 9 if I remember correctly, and ended up making dresses and other garments after Barbie had enough underwear to make her modest. :)

I always loved lingerie shops and still do, there is something about a nice set of lingerie that can make you feel lovely even when wearing ordinary clothing. 
And I guess the corset is something that can lend itself to all sorts of design ideas and creative thinking.

This is what I hope to do more of in my outside work projects, self funded design and construction.

I will share some of these processes with you as soon as I have enough to make up a bit of a post.

lots of Love
And all the best for this exciting new year :)

Lady A