24 March 2013

How to deal with aggressive driver behaviour on a bicycle?

I have decided to sell my car and be a cyclist and hopefully save some money help the environment and improve my life.
My partner still has a small car but also tries to ride his bicycle when ever possible.

My partner works nights and rides home sometimes at 4 am or 1 am on generally quite roads. But there has been many times where he has been targeted by young men in cars.
The only reason we can think of is that he is on a bicycle. 
Once he was hit by a rolled up newspaper across his back from a driving car window and just recently he got a egg thrown at him. 
I find this stupid and childish behavior, and I really hope they get the same done to them in the very near future.

I was born in Europe and bicycles are a way to get around and they are given space and respect on the roads. It is very sad because the weather is beautiful and perfect for riding.

My experiences have been mainly with people not stopping at stop signs and either me landing on their car hood or barely being able to stop right at their window or front Tyre. Only to get the driver pull the finger at me or abuse me as they drive off. (Sure why would it be important to follow road rules when driving a car) If I would have been driving a car at that moment they could have bought me a new front end.

I have read many articles about people being bashed, harassed or assaulted by drivers that just couldn't wait to pass a cyclist or just didn't want to share the road.

I have been lucky to only have verbal abuse until now, (touch wood) but I am starting to understand why people ride with cameras on their bicycles. It ends up being your only ally in a road rage attack.

I understand that there is many different points of view and not every cyclist is a angel. But think about how you would feel having that done to yourself? And we seem to have forgotten that we share the world with many different people at times, and being selfish isn't a attractive trait.

unfortunately this is the way it is at the moment, don't trust anyone in a car and keep yourself safe.

I am really hoping it can change in the near future

this was my little rant thank you for listening

Lady A


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