17 December 2012

Surprise wedding dress designing

So my Boyfriend decided to propose last week and I said yes,
so he now is my Fiance ( still getting used to this).

But with this comes a wedding, and there fore a wedding dress.....
I have to be honest I have never thought about wearing a wedding dress or even designing one for myself.
So I did a bit of a search on pinterest and etsy, many interesting things came up all of them cream white or silver. All colours I am not keen on wearing.

This then was my first decision I am not wearing white.
Then I decided since we wont be having a big wedding I shouldn't have a puffy, gypsy style wedding dress.

And then I realized I love a nice bias cut dress, and so we have now a shape style and some resemblance of what colour I do not want.
So it really isn't has hard as I thought it would be.
Well at least up until now ;)
 here is what I have found I like, possibly in emerald green or red.

 This red one is just beautiful and I would be able to wear it again some other time

 I like the lace of this one

 I think this one its more the curves of the model that I enjoy

 So far I love this, I would like to change the razor back on the mesh but otherwise I enjoy it very much

And this is the front and it could look great in emerald green.
so I will have to let all this settle and make someone else's wedding dress for their wedding next year before I can find someone close to me to make mine.
But I shall keep you updated with my shenanigans 

Lady A 

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