20 December 2012

Nearly there..... again?!?!

So its nearly the end of December and I have finished work (day job) for the year but there is still stuff to make.
I have my garment Tubeless, that I have a photo shoot with in early January.
There is my corsets that need completing, and of course the large amount of unfinished stuff in my sewing room.

I will make this my mission to one day have most of the stuff done.

I know it will be a huge year next year, I already have two dresses I know I will be making one is a wedding dress. (yes I don't quite believe I said yes to making another one of them, but I am thinking positive that this one will be the one that makes it worth it.)
And I know there will be more coming, I have already had inquiries for some other work.

But this years recap? well I pretty much didn't know what was going to happen in 2012.
I knew I had to stick around where I am until my partner was ready to move.
So I started the year off with landing a pretty wicked job in my field, with some interesting people and as I learned very funny people too. :)

I must say I learned this year from work.

There was Tutu's for men and women,

Super hero Porn stars ( I will never forget these costumes and the many versions we made )

And naturally the feathery goodness that was the dying swan, that I got to take a lot of it home with me in the evening.

There are many more, and many I can't show.

The great thing was that I got to go on a holiday to show my partner where I grew up.
I always go and remember all the fun things we used to do, and although most of the people I knew I am no longer in contact with it is great to be able to stand at altitude again and breath that mountain air.

its always heartbreaking to leave.

With any luck I will be able to find work and return.

I have been pretty slack with posting and finishing projects outside of work, and I hope to remedy this for next year. I hope I can persist and be consistent.
Only time will tell.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy your new year

Lady A

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