20 December 2012

Nearly there..... again?!?!

So its nearly the end of December and I have finished work (day job) for the year but there is still stuff to make.
I have my garment Tubeless, that I have a photo shoot with in early January.
There is my corsets that need completing, and of course the large amount of unfinished stuff in my sewing room.

I will make this my mission to one day have most of the stuff done.

I know it will be a huge year next year, I already have two dresses I know I will be making one is a wedding dress. (yes I don't quite believe I said yes to making another one of them, but I am thinking positive that this one will be the one that makes it worth it.)
And I know there will be more coming, I have already had inquiries for some other work.

But this years recap? well I pretty much didn't know what was going to happen in 2012.
I knew I had to stick around where I am until my partner was ready to move.
So I started the year off with landing a pretty wicked job in my field, with some interesting people and as I learned very funny people too. :)

I must say I learned this year from work.

There was Tutu's for men and women,

Super hero Porn stars ( I will never forget these costumes and the many versions we made )

And naturally the feathery goodness that was the dying swan, that I got to take a lot of it home with me in the evening.

There are many more, and many I can't show.

The great thing was that I got to go on a holiday to show my partner where I grew up.
I always go and remember all the fun things we used to do, and although most of the people I knew I am no longer in contact with it is great to be able to stand at altitude again and breath that mountain air.

its always heartbreaking to leave.

With any luck I will be able to find work and return.

I have been pretty slack with posting and finishing projects outside of work, and I hope to remedy this for next year. I hope I can persist and be consistent.
Only time will tell.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy your new year

Lady A

17 December 2012

Surprise wedding dress designing

So my Boyfriend decided to propose last week and I said yes,
so he now is my Fiance ( still getting used to this).

But with this comes a wedding, and there fore a wedding dress.....
I have to be honest I have never thought about wearing a wedding dress or even designing one for myself.
So I did a bit of a search on pinterest and etsy, many interesting things came up all of them cream white or silver. All colours I am not keen on wearing.

This then was my first decision I am not wearing white.
Then I decided since we wont be having a big wedding I shouldn't have a puffy, gypsy style wedding dress.

And then I realized I love a nice bias cut dress, and so we have now a shape style and some resemblance of what colour I do not want.
So it really isn't has hard as I thought it would be.
Well at least up until now ;)
 here is what I have found I like, possibly in emerald green or red.

 This red one is just beautiful and I would be able to wear it again some other time

 I like the lace of this one

 I think this one its more the curves of the model that I enjoy

 So far I love this, I would like to change the razor back on the mesh but otherwise I enjoy it very much

And this is the front and it could look great in emerald green.
so I will have to let all this settle and make someone else's wedding dress for their wedding next year before I can find someone close to me to make mine.
But I shall keep you updated with my shenanigans 

Lady A 

9 December 2012

Another great starter

There is a young lady that has started blogging and she is also a Costume lady in Australia.

She is still unsure and hasn't quite figured all the things out yet but you can see by her photos she makes some amazing stuff.

Check her out and leave a encouraging comment or hint.

and hopefully she will find her little niche and flourish 

Lady A