3 November 2012

More Recycled fashion

The tubes I got given have been cut up and are being worked into the corset and the head piece.
I have a feeling to be able to make the jacket I will have to find more.

The costruction of the corset had to be done in a specific way, so that it can still be laced without it spliting or tearing.
So the tubes were sewn onto a fabric that just floats over the corset, sort of like a floating lining. Meaning the top layer is a few millimeters larger than the actual corset.
They are bound together top and bottom and the extra is eased in. (easier said than done with rubber)

the front piece was a bit more tricky to line up but it works okay.

 This is the top layer nearly there

As sewing the tubes has gone reasonably easy I am finding the head piece a little more challenging, mainly because the hand sewing of the tubes isn't that easy.
But I will get there in the end.  
just the front in the image I am yet to finish the base which will be holding it to the head.

The jacket is still in the drafting stage, but the unitard is going to be re modelled. I have found large amount of scraps in our scrap bin at work. So since I have decided to try and make this with the least amount of purchased materials as possible it was only fitting to make the flesh part of the unitrad a patch work bit. 

I am hoping it wont destract from the tube corset and coat, making the whole outfit too much patch and mix.
I need to have a bit of a fitting with a model before I can finish that but it seems to all be coming along smoothly.

I hope I didn't jinx myself there, but I would like to finish this by the end of November.

we will see how I go.

Lady A 

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