20 September 2012

Working on my exhibition

I have been wanting to have a exhibition of odd things for years,
I have never really pinned down what this exhibition could be about or what I would be showing.
I enjoy making garments that are not the usual kind of dress, and I also enjoy making things out of different materials.
I have entered in wearable art awards many times, and enjoyed making things for those sort of competitions.

But I didn't want to make whole garments, and thought about making smaller items.
I enjoy making undergarments such as corsets and bras and therefore thought this could be the perfect base to start with.

I have made a few corsets in my time, some basic and some a little more involved.
but this time I wanted to play with recycling materials such as bicycle tubes, bottle tops and maybe plastic bags. And make really over the top out there corsets that would be quite at home in a art gallery. Possibly being looked at as some form of sculpture.

I have sketched a few things, but they are still very tame, so I will do more sketching I will need to do some sampling with these and other materials to see how I can give them enough stability to be laced in the end.

If you would like to see the images of the samples, the sketches and the process check out my pinterest board here

more soon 

Lady A