4 July 2012

A day at Vevey

We went to the south west of switzerland the last couple of days,
it was beautiful weather and our friend we went to visit seemed to be happy to see us.
The Lake was amazing and the atmosphere was amazing, this could be because of the fact that the Montreux Jazz festival was on.

We arrived and went straight down to the lake then strolled along it for a while.

Nestle seem to have their headquarters here at Vevey.
 they have a place where you can all sorts of foods and tastes.
 the fork in the lake was a great piece of art.
 just next to it a statue of Charlie Chaplin, he lived here for 25 years towards the end of his life. There is a lot of places that are named after him, the locals seem to enjoy this history.
 this is the view from our balcony at the hotel
 and this is the small beer garden below our room
 After a quick swim and coffee we took off in a full bus to Montreux, the streets were alive and people were partying.
 We decided to have something to eat before we join the party, and this was the little ally that our restaurant was on.
 Unfortunately we spent too much time eating and chatting so we missed what we wanted to see.
 the park was still full of people
 and I am sure they went on for ages.
 As we were ready to get on the bus we realized it was going to be full once again, but we never thought it would be this full. So we started walking instead and passed a large piano retailer.
And ended up getting the most amazing view over the lake, and later at the festival under a full moon.

It was a long walk but stunning and I was very glad to see our bed at the end of it.
It was a day to remember

Lady A :)
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