26 July 2012

Basel a city to Fall in Love with

I have to say I had no clue what Basel was going to be like,
but I loved it. It is very pretty and there is enough creative people there too.

we took the train from Lugano, lots of tunnels so a bit of reading was needed

But we went to the restaurant after Arth-Goldau and had a bit of a snack

This was the range of cheese we had

when we got there we had a bit of a walk to our Hotel but we got to see some nice scenery on the way

We then got there and the view was lovely

the 6 floor always lovely

nuff said ;)

A spot of light dinner

Then some more walking and sight seeing

We spotted a bit of a party on the side of the river

Was cool to see that people were floating down the river here too, 
past the stage and beyond.

a bit of a crowd

interesting lighting

And luckily the weather was in our favour
I think I would like to see what its like in winter here.

Lady A

20 July 2012

Bicycles in Zurich

We spent two half days in Zurich and enjoyed being tourists,
the trams and trains are great and together with walking will take you almost anywhere.

But for those that enjoy what most "Zuerchers" enjoy you can hire a bicycle for the day.
Well its more like borrow, you need a 20CHFr deposit a Id and off you go.

this is what we got easy to ride, and a basket for all your shopping.

So we took our bicycles and went to look at bicycle shops and other interesting things.
But this is about the bicycle shops, two in particular.
The first one StihlRad and yes there is photos of a runway show on the website ;)

As you can see its a bit more clean and modern, with clothing that looks like street wear for sale. 
Although it is aimed at the stylish man, the only cool thing for ladies are the helmets and nice bicycles.

I could have taken a few things home from here

This is one of them, I would have this one if I lived here. (a few more years and it might be so)

Then we went to the Larger Velo Zuri, where you can get new bicycles but also secondhand ones.
They seem to fix them and have lots of different ones for all sorts of tastes.


As you can see the secondhand show room is large

They have cute old city bicycles, like this Bianci

A large amount of Tandems

racing ones, cruisy ones and flatbars

this is the wall of tandems

A half recumbent and half upright one

A hard plastic bicycle

 Many different folder bicycles, this is the wall of Bromptons

One Titanium flat bar :D

This one that I would be too scared to ride :S

Some very hip ones

A wall of old steel racers

And the best one out of them all

Its so small I could have taken it into my luggage

This is their front door and if you can go past and have a look its worth looking around.

I know I need to get more bicycles because one is not enough if you don't own a car.
So hopefully I can find some nice ones back in Oz otherwise I will have move here sooner than expected.

Lady A

12 July 2012

More Local History

We had a low key day today and went into Rorschach to look at the Corn House Museum,
its a interactive museum and you are allowed to touch and photograph things.
Which is cool when you get to look at things like this :)
 the furniture
 The clothing
 and some more
 then some more
 the dinner setting
 the weaving mills
 yes I come from a Lace making region
 and then the really old stuff you can touch
 pretty cool to see the painting and the clothing that were worn in that painting
 his shoes
And then the hat.
It was a fun place to visit, there was lots more interactive fun. With dress ups, calligraphy, taste testers and actual weaving, museums should be more interactive it makes so much more fun.

Either way I understand not everything can be touched and worn, but its good to see that some things in some place can.

Not sure what is next but I am hoping something fun :)

until then

Lady A

4 July 2012

Lausanne and Olympic stuff

The next day we decided to go and see Lausanne before we headed back to the other end of the country.
We walked around for a while and then saw the temporary Olympic museum on one of the streamer that cruise around the lake usually.
 the boat was beautiful
 They had all the medals and some of the torches from the Olympics here is Sydney
 the long thin one is from Helsinki, that is the one I like in this image.
 Calgary in the middle
 And the new London
 this is the Lotus replica they have
 A basket ball with the US teams signatures, I think its the ones from Atlanta.
 one of the old time keeping pieces
 Here I am trying to hold the London torch, no go I was good ;)
And just one more of the boat it is very nice.
So hopefully I will have more tomorrow of Luzern, we are doing a little shopping trip.

Until then

Lady A