28 June 2012

A day introducing St Gallen

So we spent the day looking at one of the towns I lived in every now and then.

The town has some very charming parts and interesting museums, we checked out the Gallus Library unfortunately we can't take photo's there. We took photo's of the abbey and the surrounds.

its pretty impressive, and even tough I have seen it before its always good to look at it with new eyes. Specially when you have someone with you that has never seen it before.

We then went to check out some more museums and this is where I kinda did some illegal photography, no harm done I never used flash and I wont do anything other than show you guys this exhibit.
 Some Rococo so close you can touch it, but I didn't ;)

 And here is the bit that is behind glass
 different eras of dress that was used in Switzerland you can see the era is similar to the English or french fashion, maybe a little bit more modest.

 even some of the 20th century
 mainly because St Gallen was the lace capital of Switzerland for a long time.
 and not so lacey
It was fun and I still want to go to the lace museum to check out their new exhibit.

There will be more I am sure
but until then

Lady A
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