21 May 2012

Waistcoats for Mr Jack, the beginning.

A good friend of mine has asked me to make him some waistcoats
He has grown to like dressing a bit chic and a waistcoat will always be a welcome addition to a man wardrobe.
Since I don't mind making these things and I might eventually make a few to sell he was the perfect trial to see how long it takes and what funkiness I am capable of without going too nuts.

I have drafted a waistcoat pattern to his measurements and so far cut out the fronts, the backs will all pretty much look the same on all three.
But I am planning on doing something on the inside of them, maybe playing with colour in the pockets.

The first one is a simple single breasted waistcoat

The second is also a simple double breasted waistcoat, a bit more formal I guess.

And the third is a casual different looking waistcoat with coin buttons.

As I do more and when I do fittings I will update on Mr Jacks waistcoats.
So stay tuned for more interesting things and see how they come together.

Lady A
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