30 May 2012

Travel coming soon......

I have been planning this trip to my homeland for a while now,
And the fact that my boyfriend of more than 2 years is coming to meet my family and see the place I grew up in, is also a bit exciting.

I am going to Switzerland, I am sure most know where it is. But for those interested it is in the middle of Europe, Sandwiched in between France, Germany, Austria and Italy.

The reason I am writing about this is just to give a bit of a heads up, my blog may turn into a bit of a travel diary/ blog.
I don't think I will take pictures like this but these are some of the places we plan to visit there is more naturally.


See Alp See (hiking)


Possibly one of my favorite cities Luzern

And where I come from St Gallen

There will be adventures, photo's and hopefully fun stories to tell.
So for the month of July this blog will be a bit more travel, a little less sewing. Don't worry the sewing will return, and I am sure there might be some sewing influence I do hope to visit friends in the industry as well. :D

Lady A


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