20 May 2012

A bum on a balcony?!?!

I have been looking for something to grow herds and spices in on .
As much as I could have just got a few pots from the local store, I didn't want to spend that money to have it fall down the roof later.

So I got a photo sent to me on Facebook via organic green roots.
And since our balcony faces the street I thought it would be a bit of a laugh having jeans bums lining our balcony with herbs growing out of them.

Here is my first go

And now I have two

You do have to line the jeans with a plastic bag so that the denim doesn't rot straight away, but the good thing is I can mold them to the slant of the roof and once I get some chain I can hook them to the balcony.

So far I have a chilli plant and a small mint plant, I am thinking we should have at least 4 more but I am not sure yet what they will be.

Lady A

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