31 May 2012

The first perfomance for the Tudor Burlesque costume

So the other week the Tudor Gown I made had its premier,
at Devilles pad in the burlesque battle for the international burlesque festival in Perth.

Here are some images I pulled from a website, 

I took some footage on my phone and this is on youtube, remember its a phone and I was not the closest.

Have a look, I hope to be able to get a decent set of photo's for this costume but it might take a few more months before I have time for this.

Lady A

30 May 2012

Travel coming soon......

I have been planning this trip to my homeland for a while now,
And the fact that my boyfriend of more than 2 years is coming to meet my family and see the place I grew up in, is also a bit exciting.

I am going to Switzerland, I am sure most know where it is. But for those interested it is in the middle of Europe, Sandwiched in between France, Germany, Austria and Italy.

The reason I am writing about this is just to give a bit of a heads up, my blog may turn into a bit of a travel diary/ blog.
I don't think I will take pictures like this but these are some of the places we plan to visit there is more naturally.


See Alp See (hiking)


Possibly one of my favorite cities Luzern

And where I come from St Gallen

There will be adventures, photo's and hopefully fun stories to tell.
So for the month of July this blog will be a bit more travel, a little less sewing. Don't worry the sewing will return, and I am sure there might be some sewing influence I do hope to visit friends in the industry as well. :D

Lady A


21 May 2012

Waistcoats for Mr Jack, the beginning.

A good friend of mine has asked me to make him some waistcoats
He has grown to like dressing a bit chic and a waistcoat will always be a welcome addition to a man wardrobe.
Since I don't mind making these things and I might eventually make a few to sell he was the perfect trial to see how long it takes and what funkiness I am capable of without going too nuts.

I have drafted a waistcoat pattern to his measurements and so far cut out the fronts, the backs will all pretty much look the same on all three.
But I am planning on doing something on the inside of them, maybe playing with colour in the pockets.

The first one is a simple single breasted waistcoat

The second is also a simple double breasted waistcoat, a bit more formal I guess.

And the third is a casual different looking waistcoat with coin buttons.

As I do more and when I do fittings I will update on Mr Jacks waistcoats.
So stay tuned for more interesting things and see how they come together.

Lady A

20 May 2012

A bum on a balcony?!?!

I have been looking for something to grow herds and spices in on .
As much as I could have just got a few pots from the local store, I didn't want to spend that money to have it fall down the roof later.

So I got a photo sent to me on Facebook via organic green roots.
And since our balcony faces the street I thought it would be a bit of a laugh having jeans bums lining our balcony with herbs growing out of them.

Here is my first go

And now I have two

You do have to line the jeans with a plastic bag so that the denim doesn't rot straight away, but the good thing is I can mold them to the slant of the roof and once I get some chain I can hook them to the balcony.

So far I have a chilli plant and a small mint plant, I am thinking we should have at least 4 more but I am not sure yet what they will be.

Lady A

13 May 2012

Quick I need a Dress

So I had a little high tea for my birthday today,
Work was very hectic with all the technical rehearsals and dress rehearsals so I literally had to make myself a dress the night before.
And here is what I could do with left over fabric and a random pattern in a box that has been in a cupboard for a while. 
this is the pattern

here is me before we leave at home

It was a quick thing and I might do some changes at a later date but it did the job and looked great at the high tea.

there will be more in the future because I forgot how much fun it is to make things for myself.

Lady A


6 May 2012

The Head piece

I have been finishing this costume for a while, it has already been in my graduate exhibition last year. But now I have had a fitting with Cécile Mimieux and I can finish it.
This costume has a head piece, and it is called a french hood ( it has many other names I believe but that is what it is called in the book where I got the pattern)

Here is the base wired

Here I am testing the wear ability

And here is the starting of covering

Now I am up to decorating with pearls

But the pearls will be shown next time

until then
Lady A

4 May 2012

Can Can on show

So here we go I finally I have some photos

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I must say it moves so nicely.
Here she is with her sparkly bra and the skirt down

and this is the underside

Hurrah its one ruffly beauty

until next time

Lady A

1 May 2012

Where to with burlesque........?

If you have been following me for a bit you would be able to tell that I make a few burlesque costumes. They have given me the chance to test my skills, try new things and made me think.

When the movie came out everyone jumped at the chance to dress like a burlesque star and decided it was a great idea to dress in a corset and a tiny skirt. I understand that it brings out your inner woman, and for most a corset can give you a lovely figure, but why didn't they rush out and decided to wear this?

We know why, the main reason being not everyone can or is comfortable enough to wear that and the other is that it is something that needs to be made for you usually.
This is where the performer and the audience should be easily separated I believe, the audience will purchase the off the shelf mass produced stuff. And the performer will go and have something created for his or her personal performance.
There will be the odd Audience member that can go and get things made or do such a thing them self.

I have seen a few shows and images of shows lately where the performer could have been a audience member from the look of their costume.
This has made me wonder, if the plan for me is to bring out performance Lingerie and corsets could it be a bit of a waist of time or is it just that people don't know where to go for these one off specially made things?
I also wonder if it is just because of my location in Australia that I have no luck or even interest. There is always the other alternative, my stuff could just be plain boring and there really is no interest.
Anyway it made me wonder, and since I have already drafted the lingerie and cut out some samples I think I should at least make some and see what people say to them.
If I have no luck put it down to experience and move on, you have to try things sometimes.
 I will keep you posted on the happenings of this stuff

Lady A