9 April 2012

We hope we can can.....

I am currently working with a large amount of organza, to make a very big but hopefully light skirt to well Can Can with.
My machine was going great until the belt broke, I am now on my domestic working with half the speed and half the space. Not really ideal but until the service man can come out I will go forth like that.

 I try to do it evenly and without pleats, but really if I wanted it to be perfect I should have box pleated it. That is how the ones at the moulin rouge are done.

its a pretty hot job too because you end up having all of that polyester organza on your lap 

as you can see I pin it first

And then sew it on

I am in the middle of doing the 7th row now, and luckily they are getting smaller each row. but there is 10 rows all up and 4 colours (blue, white, red and black) 
After this is done I have to finish the top layer add a placket and waistband, maybe some sparkles then I am done.

Sounds easy doesn't it, it is but it's just time consuming.

More when I get further....


Lady A 
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