21 April 2012

Making unmentionables

I have been playing around with making a small line of simple Burlesque undergarments for a while.
The idea is to make it easy to remove but still very sexy.
I also wanted to be able make it accessible for people starting or doing a course in burlesque.
I enjoy making corsets and there has to be a element of a corset in the line, but if I make it out of real corseting materials the price will never be accessible to someone starting up.
So I was hoping to make them "performance corsets", meaning they are made of simpler material and are easy to remove.
The down side is they will not be waist cinching, but I will be able to make them out of pretty and odd fabrics that corsets usually aren't made of.

I have many more designs and ideas, but this is just a snippet.

I don't know if this will have a market or if people will be interested, for me its just being able to draft and make these little things that is exciting.
I have made a few bras before and I really enjoyed it, the same goes for the corsets.

I will make a few trial ones and then see what people think.
It would be a cool thing to be able to do one weekends and evenings after work. 

until next time
Lady A

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