16 March 2012

Is it for me?

I have been a rather busy lady, working full time at the Ballet, making costumes for others and generally failing at keeping my place clean.

I had started making somethings that I have always wanted to make, but I always realise I don't actually make them for me.
I make them for some person, and I rarely get to wear what I make.

There is something really wrong with this, because my wardrobe is slowly disintegration and I am bored of my old clothing and what the op shops have at this point.

So I made a stand today, I got asked if I could make something else for someone and I said No. Not until I have clothing to wear and enjoy.
Lets just say that person wasn't too happy with the answer because I am usually the push over nice girl that will just do it and have no sleep because of it.

So I got started gathering patterns for things I may like, things that I could find interesting and can match with all the fabric that is cluttering up my sewing room.
I have traced a few, and wondered about some others.

My mother will laugh if she reads this but, I am considering jumpsuits.
Yes I used to tease her about her 80's jumpsuits when I was younger but they really are comfortable.
I usually just feel a bit exposed in them, don't ask me why but I am hoping to change that.

The Cape has taken my fancy too, I will need a new coat mine is stuffed but a cape could be a interesting addition to the closet.

I will need lots more than this but I have no doubt that some of this making and sewing will make it onto the blog.

So wait and see what ends up happening
and if I can pose as well as the models when things are done 
(not likely) ;)

Lady A

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