5 March 2012

finishing the heavy Dress

I have been battling with this dress lately its so heavy and cumbersome.
Its been difficult to put under the sewing machine, there is so much bulk. (lucky my machine has no issues with bulky items)

So I added a hoop to the bottom, it looked really out there so I tried a few different things one of them making the hoop smaller but it wasn't to be.
I removed it and hope that the hem wont get stepped on.

then I added the boned bodice, it will help keep the strapless heavy part up.

then I had to try it on, as you do. It doesn't fit me my bum is too big ;)

I then got onto the lining I ran out of the green, but a bit of pink always freshens up a lining :)

I attached the bottom making it ready for the facing and lining 

Now the facing and lining is in, I am at the point where I need to finish things.
A night on the sofa sewing is in order now and tomorrow I will deliver and seal the deal. I will try and take some photo's of it in the exhibition if I can. 
Till next time :)

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