26 March 2012

Manly show

So I went to see a show last Saturday
I had made some of the costumes for the performers
presented by Slanty - eyes unlimited

These two strapping lads put on a fun night

There was old fashioned feats of strength, and general acrobatic and manly exercises

And of course some boylesque thrown in

If this show hits your town, do yourself the favour and get a ticket.

thanks to Violet Verre Photography for the documentation. 


24 March 2012

making pattern magic clothing

As I said I am going to start making stuff for myself,
I have a few simple commercial patterns that I can just whip up.

But then I decided I should draft some stuff too,
and since I have always wanted to use my Pattern Magic books I figure it is the perfect thing.

The books are probably well known Tomoko Nakamichi's Pattern Magic

I will start with something reasonably simple, the bamboo shoot bodice and try and make a dress out of it.

Hopefully this will be how it will end up looking, but only time will tell. ;)

I am going to go through some of my fabric boxes for this one, if it works out okay I may consider a play-suit with s similar design.

20 March 2012

Samurai Power forward....

So I have been slowly working on this Power ranger,
its been fun doing something simple, like a unitard with some applique.
Lets just say it is not perfect but hey I am getting there.

Even our female dance dummy at work is a bit too big for this one,
That is mainly because we don't have a child's dummy.
I haven't sewn the Centre back, inside leg and collar.
But I am determined to finish it this week so that I can wrap it and give it to the young man next week.
I will show more photos soon

Lets hope he likes it

Lady A

16 March 2012

Is it for me?

I have been a rather busy lady, working full time at the Ballet, making costumes for others and generally failing at keeping my place clean.

I had started making somethings that I have always wanted to make, but I always realise I don't actually make them for me.
I make them for some person, and I rarely get to wear what I make.

There is something really wrong with this, because my wardrobe is slowly disintegration and I am bored of my old clothing and what the op shops have at this point.

So I made a stand today, I got asked if I could make something else for someone and I said No. Not until I have clothing to wear and enjoy.
Lets just say that person wasn't too happy with the answer because I am usually the push over nice girl that will just do it and have no sleep because of it.

So I got started gathering patterns for things I may like, things that I could find interesting and can match with all the fabric that is cluttering up my sewing room.
I have traced a few, and wondered about some others.

My mother will laugh if she reads this but, I am considering jumpsuits.
Yes I used to tease her about her 80's jumpsuits when I was younger but they really are comfortable.
I usually just feel a bit exposed in them, don't ask me why but I am hoping to change that.

The Cape has taken my fancy too, I will need a new coat mine is stuffed but a cape could be a interesting addition to the closet.

I will need lots more than this but I have no doubt that some of this making and sewing will make it onto the blog.

So wait and see what ends up happening
and if I can pose as well as the models when things are done 
(not likely) ;)

Lady A

11 March 2012

trying an old pattern

I had a chat with my lovely neighbour the other day and she gave me a box full of old sewing patterns she once used.
They are mainly from the 50's and very lovely.
Here is one that I thought I would give a go with some fabric I got given from work.

I am doing the full skirt with the shorter sleeve

and the fabric is pretty busy, but we will see how it goes

more as I get further

10 March 2012

Making a power ranger

So I will be making a Power Ranger for my Boyfriend son for his 7th birthday.

Here are the images of the costume to be made by me.

He is wanting to be the red one, the mask, belt and sword he already has so all I have to make is the unitard and gloves.
It will be a interesting task maybe I can find some red wellies to go with it. :)

5 March 2012

finishing the heavy Dress

I have been battling with this dress lately its so heavy and cumbersome.
Its been difficult to put under the sewing machine, there is so much bulk. (lucky my machine has no issues with bulky items)

So I added a hoop to the bottom, it looked really out there so I tried a few different things one of them making the hoop smaller but it wasn't to be.
I removed it and hope that the hem wont get stepped on.

then I added the boned bodice, it will help keep the strapless heavy part up.

then I had to try it on, as you do. It doesn't fit me my bum is too big ;)

I then got onto the lining I ran out of the green, but a bit of pink always freshens up a lining :)

I attached the bottom making it ready for the facing and lining 

Now the facing and lining is in, I am at the point where I need to finish things.
A night on the sofa sewing is in order now and tomorrow I will deliver and seal the deal. I will try and take some photo's of it in the exhibition if I can. 
Till next time :)