27 February 2012

A Hem filled with metal?!

I am now getting to the bottom part of the dress,
The hem and the decorations on the tulle.
The dress needs to be finished by next week so it will be all late night sewing action for me this week.
Here is where I am at.

I have created the bottom part but not attached it yet, and I have filled the hem with bottle tops but not secured them yet. 

Now I have to add the colourful tops to this tulle piece, that requires me sandwiching them between two pieces of tulle basting around them and then sewing them onto the piece.

I am also waiting on the spring steel to go in the hem, it needs a hoop so it wont be stepped on it too fragile to just drape.

So I shall show you more as I keep getting closer to the deadline. :S

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