27 February 2012

A Hem filled with metal?!

I am now getting to the bottom part of the dress,
The hem and the decorations on the tulle.
The dress needs to be finished by next week so it will be all late night sewing action for me this week.
Here is where I am at.

I have created the bottom part but not attached it yet, and I have filled the hem with bottle tops but not secured them yet. 

Now I have to add the colourful tops to this tulle piece, that requires me sandwiching them between two pieces of tulle basting around them and then sewing them onto the piece.

I am also waiting on the spring steel to go in the hem, it needs a hoop so it wont be stepped on it too fragile to just drape.

So I shall show you more as I keep getting closer to the deadline. :S

21 February 2012

all the tops Basted

I have made some progress over the weekend, and now all the bottle tops are basted on.
as you can see it was a big job

but I stuck at it and got there in the end

 This is how it looks at the moment.

Now it is time to add the bottom part of the dress and also to actually sew on the bottle tops.
More news soon because the whole thing is due on the 6th of march. :S

18 February 2012

Bar styled progress

The dress decorated with bottle tops is coming along,
its slow moving work but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

I have basted one side now and I am ready to replicate the other side.

As you can see it looks very different, but with any hope not too bad when I am done with it.

here goes another weekend of bottle top applying I will up date next week with more images.
with luck I will have the bottom part attached too. (fingers crossed)


11 February 2012

Saddle bag

This is my fisrt thing that I have sewn on the machine, and it did very well.

It is a saddle bag for my boyfriends retro looking bicycle, it his birthday tomorrow and I will give it to him then. ( oh and don't worry he doesn't follow my blog ;))

Hopefully he will like it, it was fun working it out and working with the leather.
I should do it again.
until next time :D