5 January 2012

Bicycle dreams

I have been looking at the Dutch style bicycles for a while,
They are comfortable to ride, have a skirt guard most of the time and space to carry shopping or my stuff.
I have looked around but there isn't much around under $1000, and I can be picky when it comes to what style I like.

Like this beauty here is a little more than $2000 a , what really interests me is the internal gears.
I know nothing about them, how they work, how you maintain them and if they are any good.

Then there is these guys, cheaper versions build it yourself and choose the colours.
But will 3 gears be enough?

This is another brand, mojo bikes also 3 speed. 
My question is has anyone got one of these bicycles? Or do you know some with one.
I have my white one but there is so much I can't do with it I would just like to own one that works.

Anyways any hints tips please let me know. :)

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