27 January 2012

Over water swimming ??

Well this is the bathing suit that really isn't made for swimming
Its stretchy crushed velvet, (don't ask me why I have so much of it)

But its great for performing in, and my lovely friend will use it just for that,
and as soon as I have some photos I shall share them. 

14 January 2012

Fun with ETSY

I have been on etsy alot lately, browsing for something special as a birthday present.
I naturally have also been looking at things that I could like or require.
I found this lovely shop
She hand carves rubber stamps, and they are very sweet.
I hand a custom one done and only just got my proof, she is very quick and is happy to answer any questions. I can't wait to receive this stamp and make little tags and cards with it.
lets just say its nice to find lovely people making thing all over the world.
I really love etsy for that.


7 January 2012

New Year Eve Dress ups

I work at a jazz club at times next to all the other jobs I do, and so does my boyfriend he is the sound man.
Because he works NYE I try to get a shift to so we can spend the night in the same venue.
This year the theme was a Hot NYE Ball, which gave us the excuse to dress up, or more me to him and me up ;)

This is my dress I made at the first fitting

 And here are some photos of the night, unfortunately I don't have any of the whole dress I was too busy working most of the night.
The photo's were taken by Angelyne Wolfe (thank you again)
Maybe I will do a photo shoot one day with it, and then I shall show it off. 

5 January 2012

Bicycle dreams

I have been looking at the Dutch style bicycles for a while,
They are comfortable to ride, have a skirt guard most of the time and space to carry shopping or my stuff.
I have looked around but there isn't much around under $1000, and I can be picky when it comes to what style I like.

Like this beauty here is a little more than $2000 a , what really interests me is the internal gears.
I know nothing about them, how they work, how you maintain them and if they are any good.

Then there is these guys, cheaper versions build it yourself and choose the colours.
But will 3 gears be enough?

This is another brand, mojo bikes also 3 speed. 
My question is has anyone got one of these bicycles? Or do you know some with one.
I have my white one but there is so much I can't do with it I would just like to own one that works.

Anyways any hints tips please let me know. :)