23 December 2011

the smallest thing I have ever made

 These are some little baby shoes I made for my boyfriends Niece. As you can see she is a baby and he didn't know what to get her for Christmas.
So I decided to step in and look on a tutorial or pattern online for something simple. Or so I thought, they are simple enough just very fiddly and tiny. 
If you would like to make the same ones have a look on this link;
Very simple and a great scrap fabric user ;)
Have a great Christmas and new year until 2012!!!

15 December 2011

Getting close to the finish line

 So I have made progress, and I have only got a few days to finish this one.
 the antlers have been covered
 the top part of the wings ave been made
 Some of the feathers have been added, hemming will be done tomorrow and then the rest can be done.
Hand here is her wing span, so glad it says up ;)

I hope to show some completed one soon too.

9 December 2011

Shakespeare Costume update

I am just showing you what I am up to with the Shakespeare Ariel costume
I have started with the leather on the bodice.

 I have had to glue the leather bits on the bra, let hope it sticks :)

And there will be more :)
Remember if you would like to come see it here is the address for tickets
And if you like the design have a look at Ingrid Proos

6 December 2011

Shakespeare costume

I have been working on a show for Shakespeare WA, the Costume designs are by Ingrid Proos

I am making the costume For Ariel in the Tempest.

Here is the amazing design

 I have been wiring the wings
 Then the bias cut skirt will be getting its layers
 And this is where I am up to now
If you would like to come and see the show, its at kings park (perth Western Australia) and here is how you can get tickets http://shakespearewa.com/tickets/

I will try and show you more as I get along and hopefully those that can't come get to see what happens too.