25 November 2011

update on the next thing

The fabric has been purchased, the pattern has been drafted and the work has begun.
Here are some of the beginnings of this artistic dress.

I hope the standard size I chose isn't too big or too small, I may regret it later.
We will see how it goes, more as soon as I have more.

14 November 2011

The next thing

I am now working on many things since uni has finished, but this is a dress for next years urban fashion.
The dress design I wont put up yet, I haven't found out yet if I got in.
The dress will be made with lots of bottle tops, tulle and a satin.
Here are some samples

 I think the bottom one is the better looking arrangement.
Now its off to the fabric shop to look for the fabrics.
I will show more as soon as I can. :)