19 October 2011

The next Burlesque Costume 1.4 the skirt and bodice

Just a few photos of what I did on the dress today,

I put the skirt together and cartridge pleated the back so it fits onto the bodice.

 the train turned out to be nice and long, this hopefully will help with the performance.
 Its all about getting time to practice with the garment
 there will also be more gold added, I am still looking at where I can place all this trim. The waist does make sense, it would accentuate all the best female features ;)
 the stomacher will look something like this, with more decorations to be added once sewn on.
It is starting to look like a garment, and that is the exciting part. Now a few more long days and it will be display ready.
More photos to come :)
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