17 October 2011

The next Burlesque Costume 1.3 starting the garment :)

I went Fabirc shopping on the weekend and found out that there isn't much in this town to choose from :(
So I decided to use a simple fabric and decorate it elaborately instead.
(I wonder why I do it ?)
Here are some of the beginnings of this garment.
The sleeves is something I started to put together
 the trim really makes the red look richer
 I need a bent arm to do this properly, silly manikin ;)
 this is what you can see, the under sleeve, its not finished yet either.
 And here is the front panel of the under skirt being draped.
I am working on this garment this week and next week, there will be lots more photos to come in the next two weeks. :D
until then...
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