19 October 2011

The next Burlesque Costume 1.4 the skirt and bodice

Just a few photos of what I did on the dress today,

I put the skirt together and cartridge pleated the back so it fits onto the bodice.

 the train turned out to be nice and long, this hopefully will help with the performance.
 Its all about getting time to practice with the garment
 there will also be more gold added, I am still looking at where I can place all this trim. The waist does make sense, it would accentuate all the best female features ;)
 the stomacher will look something like this, with more decorations to be added once sewn on.
It is starting to look like a garment, and that is the exciting part. Now a few more long days and it will be display ready.
More photos to come :)

17 October 2011

The next Burlesque Costume 1.3 starting the garment :)

I went Fabirc shopping on the weekend and found out that there isn't much in this town to choose from :(
So I decided to use a simple fabric and decorate it elaborately instead.
(I wonder why I do it ?)
Here are some of the beginnings of this garment.
The sleeves is something I started to put together
 the trim really makes the red look richer
 I need a bent arm to do this properly, silly manikin ;)
 this is what you can see, the under sleeve, its not finished yet either.
 And here is the front panel of the under skirt being draped.
I am working on this garment this week and next week, there will be lots more photos to come in the next two weeks. :D
until then...

9 October 2011

The next Burlesque Costume 1.2 the stay/corset

Moving on with the corset 
I have now got all the seams done, 
the front bones are in and the back ones are too.
the dummy really isn't the best for showing this off,
but hopefully I will have more photos with the model soon.
Its all coming together now.

8 October 2011

Working on my first Tailored Mens coat.

One of the final project at uni is doing a period tailored Men's coat or jacket.
I have enjoyed the look of the frock coat from around 1880 for some time now and finally get to make one for my boyfriend. (lucky him)
This is the basic design, I must say I have cheated a little in the way of trying to make it loo a bit more modern. Mainly because men these days don't like looking too different and this man has those views too ;)
 The image isn't that great but that is all I have at this point, hopefully I will get to make him a top hat too at some point :)

Then I had the first fitting with a calico Toille, by the way the pattern came from the R.I. Davis book of period mens wear.
 It looks a bit silly really in calico
 But when its your very first its always good to try on cheap fabric before you do the real thing.
Then alterations were done and I cut it in the wool.
My lovely boyfriend lost a bit of weight in between, so I had to do more alterations after this fitting. But that is life.
The things you notice when tailoring something to a person is how they stand and how they are angled.
It's interesting
and so much time can be spent making and studying this field I am not sure you could ever get bored.
 I hope mine turns out okay I am in the finishing stages soon.
 And will put more photo's up when it is done.
until then
enjoy :)

1 October 2011

Retro Bicycle - rideable and ready for summer riding.

Here are some first photo's of me testing the gears on the bicycle I have been building.
I have some plans to put more things on it and do a small photo shoot with a dress I am yet to make.

with any hope I will have some photo's in November to show.