26 September 2011

The next Burlesque Costume 1.1

 This is the next step, fitting with the star herself.
The corset fits, when the bones are in even better.

And the Farthingale look as it should.
Now I can start looking at making the Dress to go over the top
Any ideas yet who this dress is inspired by?
I will welcome any guesses....

20 September 2011

The next Burlesque Costume

The Next Burlesque Costume will be inspired by a TV series, Movie and a Lady from History.

 These pictures are the start of the undergarments.
 I still have to put the waistband on and give this beauty a press.
And this is the corset with slight 21st century finish for ease of removal on stage. ;)
There will be more....
And hopefully you can guess who this is inspired by :)

18 September 2011

The White Swan, another creation for Cécile Mimieux

This is my latest Burlesque costume I created for Cécile Mimieux

 performed at the Burlesk Safari in Fremantle not so long ago. It made an impact.

And there will be more to come. 
Please go and check out Cécile Mimieux on Facebook, she is an amazing performer. 

17 September 2011

Vintage Bicycle building

I have nearly finished building the ladies bicycle I started a long time ago.

the frame had to be cold pressed because I had to purchase a new rear wheel, the old one was rusted out.

once that was done the fun part of putting everything back together was done.

Then I had all the new accessories to put on and trying to get it to work, I am still having problems with the shifting and I am trying to find some bolt to fit the rear rack on securely. But hpefully that will happen soon and I can show you some photos of me cycling in a lovely 50's dress :)