8 April 2011

Retro Bicycle fixing

It has been a while since I have blogged,

Lots has happened and there is so much exciting stuff coming up.
At the moment I am trying fix up my old retro bicycle and make it work well again.

This is the state I got it in a long time ago.
It needed new tires and tubes then it was ride able.
So I got some nice white walls.
Now I am getting rid of the rust on it, I have bought a new rear tire, and pulled it appart to sand it back and re spray it.
These are some photos of the bits.

I started painting the chain guard

I got some new grips

A new front basket

a new saddle

Painted the front forks

Still lots of things to clean and repair

getting help cleaning the bearing to see what needs replacing

So hopefully next time I will have more done and it will start to resemble a bicycle again. :)