26 December 2010

Aprons for Christmas

I was wondering what to get for some of the ladies in the family
then I remembered a saying my grand mother told me once;
"a hand made gift is always closer to my heart than anything you can buy for me"
and since these ladies enjoy cooking and baking what would be better than a apron with their personalities in mind.

The green apron, for a lady with a big heart

The Blue on for someone with a slight rebellious streak

and the purple one, for the sweet young lady ;)

I hope they will be well used and many lovely baked goods and dinner will come from wearing them. :)
Until next year having a great new year ! :)

1 December 2010

Rococo Garment finished

Finally it is finished and I have been graded for it, guess what I passed!
Anyway I am planning to have some better photos taken but here I am in my kitchen without makeup or hair done.
the side
the back
and the front
there are a few more things I would like to add to finish it off a bit more but for now this is it. :)
So glad I made one, so would like to make more.

soon I will have another project to show you.