19 May 2010

Rococo Costume corset fitting

Today I had my final corest fitting for the rococo costume I am making. It went well, everything fitted I just need to fix some of the boning channels to make sure the bones don't have a chance to escape.

I have also finished the panniers and fitted the petticoat to suit these panniers. There is still lots of work to be done but I am nearly finished with the undergarments.

See for yourselves :)

for some reason I can't keep a straight face but if you were being squeezed by one of those corsets you would understand hopefully. ;)

More up dates soon

17 May 2010

Rococo costume update

here is where I am up to with my Rococo garment, I am having a fitting with my corset panniers and petticoat on Wednesday. So I have a lot of bones to cut and round off, eyelets to put in and bias to dye.
Here is how the corset looks now

the 16 meters of ruffle I box pleated for my petticoat

the petticoat on the table, without the top yoke attached

and here it is draped over my panniers, I probably will have to put some tucks in to shorten it a bit. the waistband isn't on yet either.

There will be more to come soon, I will have some photos of the fitting soon.
I hope you enjoyed what you saw.

1 May 2010

Long hours working on stundent films

I am sorry I haven't been blogging but I have been very busy with uni stuff, working on the student films doing costume stand by.
yes its not all glamorous work, its long hours and sometimes dusty work, but it can be really rewarding.
here are some pics of me on set, sorry but I can't show you much more.
and here I am as stunt driver with some serious camera equipment in the back :)
hopefully I can update on my corset soon and then there will be more photos :)