24 March 2010

My Period costume version 2

This is a continuation of the introduction to my costume classes at uni, there will be many more until the end of the year.

here I was fitting my corset toille and making alterations to the pattern, then I had to measure the length and width of the petticoat I will be making over the pannier.

this is the three views Back



And this is the pattern after I have made all the alterations

I had to take in 6cm in the waist, when I originally thought I would only need to take in 2cm. amazing how much our bodies compress.
stay tuned for more stuff in the next few months. :)

15 March 2010

My period costume classes

At uni we have to research and construct a period garment of a specific era, this year we are doing 1700 - 1800 so this will include the rococo or what most would recognize as the Marie Antoinette time.
At the moment we are researching our dresses shapes and making the undergarments to suit that shape.
Here is a photo of my panniers that I am finishing.
there is nearly 19 meters of steel in this, all of it had to be covered and forced through the channels. 11 meters of drill at the base for box pleating.
This may look simple, and it is, but it is just time consuming. :)
Hopefully worth the time once it is finished.
Don't worry I will up date you on the corset and other things as I go along.

9 March 2010

My Romper

my first romper suit, it is bright, sweet, and comfy.
specially good for hot summer days on your bicycle :)
Please note this was made for my shape not the dummies, I have a little bit more "bootee" and a longer torso this is why the bum is saggy and the straps too long. ;)
Photos of me in it will come soon, (fingers crossed)